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  • Mold Remediation and Removal Elizabeth

    Mold can be a tremendous threat; moisture starts to take hold and when mold occurs it is known to cause multiple health problems, like allergies and asthma attacks, respiratory illnesses, rashes, loss of memory. The worst case scenario is prolonged exposure, which can sometimes lead to fatalities.

    Water Damage Elizabeth services can actually tell if you are in danger of having mold or if the mold is starting to thrive and grow in your residence. By being proactive and immediately contacting us, we promise to assist you in removing all mold and stopping it from growing completely.

    Water Damage Elizabeth Mold Experts take the following steps:

    - Identification and correction of moisture problem
    - Isolation of work area and HVAC
    - Air Flow management (negative Air)
    - Demolition and removal of porous materials
    - Cleaning of remaining materials
    - Deep Cleansing of all surfaces in the work area
    - Post remediation ‘Clearance” testing

    Mold Contamination is the presence of mold growth and/or mold spores. The identity of the mold, the location, and the quantity aren’t reflective of normal fungal ecology for similar indoor environments. This can actually produce adverse health effects, cause damage to materials and even adversely affect the operation or function of a building or the systems within.